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Pros & Cons Digital X-Ray Equipment

by Faith Perkins

Investing in digital X-ray equipment is a major decision, and it is one that should take careful consideration. Learning about the advantages and disadvantages of these machines is an easy way to guide your decision. here is a look at some of the pros and cons to consider regarding digital X-ray equipment. 

Pro: Images can be processed faster than with traditional machines. 

If you have issues with the amount of time usual X-rays take to process, you will be pleasantly surprised with digital X-ray equipment. You can get images in a matter of seconds once they are taken. There is no downtime for processing. You can take an X-ray and get immediate access to the images while the patient is still in the room. With older machines, you would have to leave patients waiting, sometimes even send them home while the films were processed for reading. 

Con: You will have higher upfront costs with a digital machine. 

Digital machines are naturally going to cost you a little more than a traditional machine, but it is for obvious reasons. Not to mention, the digital machines are not going to require long-term costs for the other supplies that go along with old-fashioned X-ray processes, such as film. 

Pro: You get access to higher-quality images. 

One of the biggest reasons to switch to digital X-ray machines is the fact that they will give you high-quality imagery without as much effort. You will be more likely to catch small problems with the first image you get because you get images in higher resolution. For your patients, this could mean the difference between a proper diagnosis and walking away not knowing something is wrong. 

Con: Digital equipment is consistently evolving and may require replacements. 

Technology is always evolving in some form or fashion. Digital X-ray machines will no doubt do the same as new technology affects how these advanced pieces of equipment work. Therefore, you may have to frequently upgrade to take advantage of the latest digital radiography technology in your practice. Some of the latest digital units are designed to allow software upgrades regularly, however. 

Pro: Digital machines don't take up as much space. 

If space is a concern in your healthcare facility, digital X-ray equipment is a logical choice. The machines can usually be situated on a tabletop and the reading screens can be placed on a wall, in the corner, or in some other area.