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Four Things To Look For When Buying Medical Tables For Your Senior Living Community

by Faith Perkins

When you run a senior living center, there will be some seniors who are bedridden. For these seniors, having medical tables for them to use by their bedside will be essential. When purchasing medical tables for the first time, use the following guide to learn what to look for to ensure that the tables you get are the right option for your patients.

Consider the Size of the Table Top

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the table top. You want to be sure that it is large enough for the user to rest multiple items on at one time, but not so large that it takes up a lot of space in their room. Choose a table that is a few feet wide by a few feet long to ensure that any senior that uses it has the room they need.

Consider the Weight of the Table

When you are choosing which tables to buy for your patients, you need to be sure to consider the weight to the tables. The tables need to be light enough for the patients or their loved ones to be able to move them with ease. If the tables are too heavy, a patient could fall out of their bed when they try to pull the table over to themselves.

Consider the Height of the Table

It is important to realize that every patient that uses one of the table will not be at the same height. You want to be sure that the tables can be adjusted in height so that they suit each person perfectly. If the tables cannot adjust in height, you should not purchase them.

Consider the Maneuverability of the Table

Look for tables that have rolling casters attached to the bottom of them so that the tables can be rolled around as needed. Be sure that the casters can be locked so that the table does not roll away unexpectedly because this could lead to someone accidentally being injured when they try to use the table in their room.

When you purchase the tables, it is best to purchase numerous tables at one time. Many distributors will provide you a discount when purchasing numerous items at once and it would also save you money on shipping costs if the distributor has a minimum amount that must be met before they offer to ship items for free. Contact a company, like Tower Medical Systems, for more help.