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3 Recent Development In The Technology & Usage Of Ultrasound Machines

by Faith Perkins

If you are in the market for a new ultrasound machine for your medical practice, make sure that you are on top of the latest developments in ultrasound technology and usage. Here are three recent developments in ultrasound technology and usage that change and improve the way you can use this valuable machine.

#1 Sonoelastography

This is a types of technology that has used for some time over in Europe, but is just gaining acceptance and approval in the United States.

Sonoelastography is when your ultrasound machine has the ability to not just let you see inside soft tissues, but to see how stiff that soft tissue is. An ultrasound machine with sonelastography capabilities can measure how soft and/or how stiff the tissues are inside of your patient. That information is then put on top of the regular ultrasound image.

This technology can really change your practice, as it can let you see tissue and better understand the nature of it. It can help you more accurately see what is going on with things such as lumps in a breast or lymph nodes. It may be cutting edge on this side of the ocean, but it has been improving doctor's practice for a long time over in Europe.

#2 Contrast Agents

Another type of technology that is just becoming available in the United States are contrast agents. These agents allow one to see differences in tissues via the administration of a contrast agent and with special technology that allows one to see the contrast in the image.

The use of contrasting agents can turn an ultrasound into a more advanced machine and give it some of the principles and function that are currently limited to other medical diagnostic machinery.

#3 Volumetric Ultrasound

The technology behind volumetric ultrasounds just keeps getting better. A new ultrasound machine is going to be able to accurately capture pictures across multiple planes. What this does is allow for more of a three dimensional image with an ultrasound machine that will allow you to really see the depth, shape and function of the tissues that you are interested in seeing. Volumetric ultrasound technology has been on the market in the United States for a while, but it is just getting to the price point where it is something that is more affordable to upgrade to.

Before you purchase a new ultrasound machine, such as from Stetco-Medical, think about how many years you plan on using it and what type of technological advances you are willing to pay more to be a part of.